Social Events:

There is a lively social scene in Saint Mayeux - whether it be events organised by the School, parades, fetes, New Years Eve party, Fez Noz, or more regular events such as breton dancing, or singing. Inhabitants of Saint Mayeux often organise events in conjunction with other local villages, such as yoga, or music festivals and sports. There is always a good mix of French and British people at these events.

Life in the Commune of Saint Mayeux


State schooling in France is considered to be good, if slightly different from the UK. Teacher Pupil ratios are very good. The local schools cover ages 3-11 yrs - There are two sites - the first in Saint Mayeux houses the nursery (ages 3-5) and the last years of primary ( 9-11). The other site is in the nearby village of Plussulien and houses the 5-9 yr old part of the Primary. There is a regular school bus between the two schools - so if you live in Saint Mayeux you only have to drop off at Saint Mayuex.

School meals are 3 course and most pupils have them.

An French tutor is provided by the school if French is not a child's first language, and most children are fluent in french within a year. Currently there are teachers on each site who speak some english.

Local Shop & bar:

In Saint Mayuex there is a locally run well stocked convenience store (Viveco), that has fresh baguette, fresh meat and diary products, as well as a wide range of general provisions, including essentials such fire-lighters as well as food. It has a good range of wines, beers and ciders. It is on Chemin des Dames, Saint Mayeux.

The local bar is part of the local supermarket - its a lively little bar that serves a range of beers, wines and hot drinks. Its used by locals and tourists alike, whether dropping for a quick catch up after doing your shopping or spending longer their to catch up with friends.

The Marie's Office:

The Marie's office is useful for lots of reasons; it is the administrative and organisational hub of the village, it has a small post office and a small library. The staff of the Marie's office are very helpful and are a useful source of helpful tips and information to make life in France easier. You often need a Marie's stamp on official documents so you need to know where your Marie's is! ( its very easy in  Saint Mayeux - its Place de la Marie right next to the church