Indoor fun

Indoor soft play for the under 12's - Happy Park in Pontivy,  Le Repaire des P'tits Loup in Loudeac and Jumpi in St Brieuc.

Theme Parks - New and old fashioned fun

For high octane fun or a more relaxed day out. Kingoland and  Les  Recrees de Trois Cures are the kinds of places you think of when you hear "theme park" - great fun and a selection of rides for different ages. Kingoland is smaller and more focussed on younger children, but teenagers can also have a good time. Why not try Odet de Loisirs - it's a theme park, but you have to power all the rides yourself - get fit and have fun doing it.

Holidaying with Children - A truly personalised service

Travelling with children can be fantastic fun, and the area around the cottages have lots of things to do that are suitable for all the family and a wide range of ages. It is, however, useful to have an idea of resources that are available specifically for children, or some details specific to children - for example where can I eat out that is especially child friendly? , where can we go for a special treat for the children? Where can we pass a few hours - where the children can be entertained and the parents can relax and chat? What about getting to the gites with children? The gites have lots to offer - just let us know what ages your children are and the interests they have and we will happily provide a personalised suggestion list.

To help your travel to the gites please see the page "location & booking" which has details of the best ways to travel to the cottages.