Dogs & Beaches

Dogs are generally not allowed June to September on the sandy beaches, but there fewer restrictions on pebbly beaches, and occassionally beaches allow dogs on leads.. Its worth noting that for beaches around the lake you can often take your dog to grassy or pebbly areas near the beach and still keep an eye on the kids on the sand.

Northern Coast

The northern coast has a range of beaches from large open beaches to much small ones situated under the pink granite cliffs. We have listed a few notable northern beaches. 

Binic Beach is just north of St Brieuc - an easy drive from the cottages. It has wide sandy beaches and also has a pretty harbour

Pleneuf Val Andre - another sweeping sandy beach with some traditional seaside attractions - eg carousel. Its also known for its great golf club on the cliffs

Erquy - a wide open sandy beach, with protective cliffs behind (with Cliff walks) , a lovely port to explore and some seaside shops, Erquy is worth a day trip.

Sables d'Or les Pins - close to Erquy this is another stunning beach, its often less busy than Erquy as it can occassionally get a little windswept if the wind is in the wrong direction, despite this its one of our favourite northern beaches.

Southern Coast

Quite a different feel to the northern coast with the more exposed rocky beaches to the west of Quiberon and more sheltered sandy beaches in small coves to the east of Quiberon, especially in the Gulf of Morbihan. There are a number of beaches on the islands in the bay of Quiberon and there is a ferry to the Belle-Ile. 

Plage de le Mine d'Or - True to its name this beach does have gold - a goldmine in the cliffs above it closed at the start of the first world war. The beach itself is a sandy beach of about 2km in length.

Plage Conleau - Nr Vannes is a popular sandy beach - It has low mobility access and is close to bars and restaurants.

Le Grande Plage Quiberon - A large popular beach at Quiberon - it has fine golden sands, it right next to the town and port.

Carnac - known for its standing stones and its large popular beach Carnac is also know for its oysters and its thallasotherapy centre

The three beaches of Erdeven - Two fine sandy beaches - Kerhillio & Kerminihy and a more rocky Kerouriec which is great for kids wanting to explore rock pools. Note Kerminihy is a naturism allowed beach.


There are hundreds of beaches within easy distance of the gites, from the safer waters of Brittany's largest lake with its golden sandy beaches (less than 10 minutes from the cottages), to the wide open beaches of the northern coast, or the small cove beaches of the south and west. One of the benefits of being in the heart of Brittany is that they are all within easy striking distance and so you have lots of choice.

We have listed some of them for your benefit below and are happy to share our knowledge with you - we know the lake beaches especially well as we go there all year round. The lake has three large sandy beaches each has a slightly different character and range of amenities, with numerous small cove beaches, some of which are only accessible by foot, cycle or boat ( Boat / Kayak, Canoe and Pedalo hire available. )

Western Coast

Craggy rocky coastline with small coves of sandy beaches, backed by cliffs or heather filled slopes. The western tip of France juts out into the Atlantic and as such Western Brittany is defined by its relationship with the sea. 

Plage du Kelenn - A horsehoe shaped cove with sandy beach, it has the town behind the beach. Its also a popular area for small sailing boats.

Telgruc sur Mer - A pebble / sandy beach popular with windsurfers, it has a 'Centre Nautique' for wind-surfing and sailing

Plage l'Ile Vierge -  Small cover based beach - almost white sands and a path that winds down to the beach through a Mediterrean firs make this beach a little bit special.

Lac du Guerledan -

"Lake Guerledan houses perhaps the most famous inland beach in France"

The closest beach is less than 10 minutes away on the eastern side of the lake at Landronnec - a pleasant sandy beach with a free car park. It has a launching ramp (free) and kayak hire in the summer. It has toilets, and picnic tables on the grassy slope behind the beach but no other facilities. It is the site of the summer Fete du Lac. 

Beau Rivage is just over 10 minutes away and is the largest of the beaches. It too is a pleasant sandy beach. It has lots of facilities - toilets, showers, drinking water, three restaurants, boat, canoe, kayak, and water-ski hire. It is close to the departure point for the lake tour boats - the Vedettes du Geurledan. There is ample free parking.

The final large sandy beach is at Anse de Sordan - known not only for its pleasant sandy beach in a horseshoe bay, but also for the Merlin Restaurant - which is an excellent place to go to after a day on the beach - whether for a meal or just one of their ice-creams! Pedalo and kayak hire are available. There are toilets and free parking.

The lake has a huge 'coastline' as its a 400 ha lake and it has a range of medium to tiny beaches that are accessible only on foot / by bike or some by boat only - take your pick if your idea of a beach is a beach to yourself

Lac du Bosmeleac

Lac du Bosmeleac is a small lake (a only 3km long) that is primarily known for its fishing (whitefish and predator fish) but has several small sandy beaches. There is pedalo hire, a restaurant, free parking at the top of the lake,  and its possible to walk all the way round. The main beach is near the restaurant, but there are a number of smaller beaches around the lake. 

The lake feeds the Nantes-Brest canal and its possible to walk from the lake to the canal.